September 33rpm

The August 33rpm threw out a load of great albums, but we narrowed the September 33rpm down to:

Trouble in Paradise – La Roux
Slint – Spiderland
‘Her’ Original Soundtrack – Arcade Fire
Raw Like Sushi – Neneh Cherry

Come along! We’ll be upstairs at Retro Bar (just off The Strand) from 7pm on Wednesday the 10th September.

Join the Facebook group, to see who else is going.

Listen on the Spotify page (those albums we could find).

Remember –  it’s not a club for ‘musos’. Even the people who started 33rpm know virtually bugger all about music, so don’t worry your night will be stuffed full of music snobs. If you don’t like all of the albums, brilliant! It’ll make the conversation all the more interesting. See you then.

September cover

Right, let’s get things started

A great idea occurred to me and the other half, as good ideas often do, between pints two and three in our local pub.

We fancied doing something new. Something that fused some of our favourite things together – music, chatting and pubs.

33rpm was born.

The idea was dead simple: four albums, a pub table and (hopefully) some lively conversation.

A bit like a book group, only a bit less starchy (and a bit less effort).

We’d discuss a classic album, a new album and two somewhere in between. The only thing they’d have in common is they have nothing in common. Whoever showed up helped pick the next four and we’d do it all over again the month after.

It seemed like a great way of discovering new music, new people and having a good time.

We’re gay guys, but we didn’t want to start up just a gay club: we think 33rpm should be a club for all sorts of people who like all sorts of music.

The first meet was upstairs at a gay pub (Bar Retro) and it went bloody brilliantly. This blog keeps a record of what we’ve talked about in the past, what we’re talking about next and also where you can get involved.

There’s a Facebook page, a MeetUp group (at the moment). Sign up to either and we can email you about each month’s details.

There’s a Spotify page too, to save you digging about.